Sunday, October 04, 2009

Real Men Don't Speak Armani

Sorry I've been MIA, but my old monitor went to the place where dead monitors go. Then of course, we had to do some comparison shopping down in the big city, and dang, who has the time?

Being computerless, I was able to catch up on all the shows I DVR'd. The commercial campaign for Giorgio Armani's new fragrance Idole just stuck in my brain. Have you seen it?

Some sappy disembodied male voice drools all over a vacuous model who replies with vague (I think they were trying for enigmatic) statements that make no sense at all.

Who the f*ck talks like that? Seriously?

I watched it with Hubby and said, "Just out of curiosity, how come you never say things like that to me?"

He looked at me like I had just sprouted a third foot. On my head.

"Uh---real men don't speak Armani."

And he's right. In our house, the conversation would probably go like this:

Hubby (As Armani Guy): I have been searching all my life for a woman like you!
Me: You mean a woman who admires your unique ability to snore and fart at the same time?

Hubby: You fascinate me.
Me: No. I will never be drunk enough to do that thing with the handcuffs and the big hairbrush ever again. Stop asking. I mean it.
Hubby: You are my idol.
Me: Yeah, Buddy. Get your idol some iced tea.

Tres sexy, no? LOL


Charlie said...

You romantic fools, you.

Beth said...

Burps, farts, Armani scents – romance & fragrance are always in the air – one way or another... ;)

Kim Ayres said...

I can see an entire new sub-genre of the romance novel about to evolve...

Joanna Jenkins said...

"....ever again..." Ha!
I've missed you. Glad you're back online.

Angela said...

Ah yes that would be a much better Ad. I think you should email the company.
Sounds like something I could buy.


Brenda said...

OMG, hairbrush, cuffs, farts!! LOL Armani commercials would be a lot more interesting if you produced em.

Meg said...

Haha. I just saw one last night straight out of a soap opera where some crazy hot blond chick breathlessly tells this crazy hot guy that the perfume in her hand is her idol. I'm pretty sure no one talks like that in real life unless they just ran up ten flights of stairs.

Anonymous said...

Now that is love, you two romantic love bugs!

Stinkypaw said...

That is luuuuvvvv, no doubt about it!

Chris H said...

I havn't seen the advert... but your 'renditon' sounds good.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I think it all sounds sexy in that faux European model accent--the same one they use in victoria's secret ads--what country is that supposed to be from anyway?

Tracie said...

You have achieved a level of romance that my husband and I could only dream of :) LOL

Watch out, they Armani will want to hire you!

Tracie said...

I received an award, and I'd like to pass one onto you for being a blog I read!

Indy Cookie said...

LOL!!! See, I knew there was a reason I gave you this award.

Jennifer Leeland said...

Uh huh. They say you can say anything in French or Italian and it sounds sexy.
I don't think that applies to Armani.

Valérie Marie said...

Dear ATM!
I'm so happy to know you back!
Love this new advertising style: RE-A-LI-TY!
ATM+Hubby= romantisme absolu!