Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Dog Ain't Dead

I KNOW I've been a bad, bad blogger. I wrote a couple of weeks ago about how my mom finally decided to let go of all the 78rpm records my step-dad collected and how a dealer offered her a dime a piece for the 700 piece lot for a total of 70.00 (he told her the collection wasn't worth any more). I protested, and she handed them over to me, so I've been ass-deep in shellac and vinyl for the last 3 weeks.

And taking a crash course in record values.

The dealer was at least partially correct. About 80% of this stuff is worth very little. On the other hand, I think he was trying to take my mom for a ride.

I could write a country song about this. Especially since Pops apparently had a somewhat valuable and rare Country/Blues/Jazz collection.

So here's my country song (with lots of bass):

Da da da dum
My dog ain't dead
Da da da dum
My truck works fine
Da da da dum
I've been finding out
da da da dum
These discs are worth more than a dime

(banjo riff here)

Da da da dum
Been selling these records
Da da da dum
There are seven hundred or more
Da da da dum
There have been one hundred and fifty
Da da da dum
Shipped out my door

(little violin riff here)

Da da da dum
The dealer said they were worthless
Da da da dum
But as of today
Da da da dum
I totaled it up
Da da da dum
And my mom made 3K

I am WEARY, to quote some of these titles.

I love you all, and I'm sorry I've been a bad blogger. Got another 550 records to sell. ;-)


Jan said...

Gawd, what a job you've undertaken! You're a good daughter, and you're right, that dealer was trying to make himself a huge profit.

Green-Eyed Momster said...

I hope you have a million dollar record there somewhere! Find it, sell it and don't forget about your friends!!



Suzanne said...

I found you though Bob. Just Bob. That sounds like Bond. James Bond. Hummmmmmmmm. No.

Hang on. I gave aways Beetles and Yes albums. I still regret it. Really good Beetles albums. Yes, the one with them walking across the road. Don't speak.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Holy crap, I had no idea you're a song writer too! You are a woman of MANY talents! Any chance we can get you to sing your song with an audio feed???

Glad the albums are selling and your Mom is ending up with a nice little nest egg. You're a good daughter!

And don't worry about not being around much lately, we're not going anywhere. We'll wait til you get caught up. xo

LB @Wait, She Said What? said...

Wow, what a project you've taken on! At least your Mom is getting some decent money out of them and your not even half done. Such a crappy dealer that guy was. Ugh!

At least you stepped in and took over even though it means a lot of work and research.

Don't worry, we all love you enough to stick around until you come back to us. You will come back, right? Lol


Beth said...

Only 550 to go?
Are you getting a piece of the action?

Brenda said...

Only thing that might keep that from being the perfect C&W song is the lack of trains in it,,well,, and prison. :-)

That's a pretty hefty haul there ATM!

Charlie said...

Brenda may be right, but it made me cry anyway: it's a wonderful song.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Dang. I bet you have a collection of knowledge now!

RC said...

How great --- that's a lot of fun !!! Good for you.

Koolio said...

The lyrics weren't that bad, lol. ;)

3K? I'm guessing you've been auctioning them off on eBay? If so, nice work! You're a good daughter! :)

Rootietoot said...

Good for you! And your Mom! Love the Song! You can't go wrong!
or something. Old '78's are cool.

Valerie Marie said...

You're such a good girl! It's a lot of work, not only the shipping, but all the "Ebay-thing" ( the people bidding but never pay, etc...). The song is great!Love the "da da da dum": it's a good rythm for work!

Atlanta said...

Thats Fantastic!!! I bet your Mom is way grateful! I would be! Alot of work, but 3k over 70 bucks? Um yeah! lol I hate that people take advantage of others like that. If he is a dealer then he KNEW what he was doing.
Anyway, thanks for stopping by my blog! I loved the Duct Tape Comment! Made me laugh!!

carmachu said...

Thats generally how collectors try and scam folks out of the collection to get the handful of valuable ones, whether its records or books.

Offer to buy the whole collection to get a handful of valuable ones...

Cheryl said...

Good luck with the rest of the records. I hate dealing with collectors, I always feel they are scamming me.
Hope you are managing to have some fun this summer.

imfunnytoo said...

I love these kinds of stories....good on you ATM

Mariana Soffer said...

Really cool traditional song! I imagine it is calming to listen to it. And the thing about the countries is hilarious. But that is life and the universe, ridiculous