Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Outing Myself

You know, I've been blogging for years under the name Attila the Mom.  Hubby didn't have any problem with it, as long as I didn't post family pictures when our kids were underage or much identifying information.  That way I could post all about my hopes and dreams, and my angst and aspirations.  I've met so many fantastic people on this journey and made some wonderful friends.

So when I wrote a couple of books recently, I really wanted to share it with you guys, but had to think it through.  Is it time to out myself?  I guess maybe it is.  ;-)

Anyhoodie, I created a seperate blog for my books and low-carbing.  Here I'll still be ATM, but there I'll be my "other" self.

Hope you'll come visit me at Not Your Mama's Cooking!




Kim Ayres said...

Wishing you every success with the books :)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...


Joanna Jenkins said...

Congratulations on your book debut!!!! That is amazing. So very proud of you.

I'm off to buy you new cookbook now!

xo jj

Pete said...

hang on are you telling me Attila is an alias?? My illusions are shattered :)

good luck with the books

Joanna Jenkins said...

Just received my copy! LOVE, love, LOVE the book and the recipes.
xo jj