Tuesday, November 13, 2012

People are Weird

Boy has a month just flown by! We just had our first ornament show and spent weeks getting ready for that.

Then last week, my older brother---who is 47---had a freaking heart attack. Oy.

He thought he'd eaten a bad meatball sub the night before. Woke up with horrible "heartburn". When it didn't go away after taking Tums, his girlfriend insisted that they go to the emergency room.

Good thing she did. He had the heart attack right there while they were examining him. He probably wouldn't have survived it if they'd waited. He had two blocked arteries.

No more meatball subs for him!

Now on to the weirdness...

Hubby took me out to this Irish Pub we have in our little mountain burg. I'd never been there, but he'd been there for lunch a few times. We were having a "date", so I wanted to try it.

The place was jumping and we had to wait for about 20 minutes to be seated. The hostess put us in the bar where they had "waiting" chairs. We sat there and people-watched.

About 4 feet away from us was a couple at one of those bar tables---you know, the tall ones with the little round tops and bar stools? The guy went to (presumably) the restroom and their food was served.

There was a salad and a big plate of what I later found out was shepherd's pie (because hubby ordered it). As I idly watched, the woman took a spoon, looked around furtively and shoveled 4 heaping spoonfuls in her mouth before smooshing it around to make it look uneaten.

I was laughing to myself thinking, "damn, she must be so hungry she couldn't wait for him!" Then I looked away and chatted with the Hubs for a sec.

When I looked back, the guy had returned and was digging into his dinner---which was the shepherd's pie!! The waitress had come back with the woman's dinner, and it was a hamburger!!

WTF? Did you ever?


Formerly known as Frau said...

People are weird....maybe he doesn't share!!

Jeanie said...

That is hilarious, and yes, a little weird. At least she didn't spit in it. :)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

How funny that she felt she couldn't just ask him for a bite!
Thank goodness your Brother got help in time.

Rootietoot said...

Maybe she was checking it to make sure it was delicious enough for him, then she had to double check to make sure. I've had to do that, mostly with milkshakes, tho.

Kim Ayres said...

That kind of thing used to happen in our house when I was a kid - my brother was the worst culprit - he'd dive into anyone's food if they weren't looking

Chris H said...

Weird for sure~!

Stinkypaw said...

Maybe the guy is like Joey (from "Friends") and doesn't share food!

Hope your brother gets better, in the meantime, you take care of yourself!

Valerie Marie said...

Dear ATM! You're back??!!! Prayers and best wishes for your brother.
I think she was hungry and didn't want to order more than a hamburger - you know what I mean... like those women who say "I'm not so hungry..." :-)

Maria said...

that happens to me all the time, my cousin always snatch my food every time i look somewhere else.

Daisy said...

People-watching is entertaining, although not always inspiring! I hope your own meal was delicious.