Saturday, June 23, 2012

Funny Guy

My new stepdad, who I call Poppa G, is a real hoot. For those who don't recall, my mom got remarried last year on Valentine's Day to a real sweetheart. She's now 79 and he's 88.

They're just like a couple of teenagers in love.

I got back yesterday, after spending a few days with them. Little Guy and I went up to bask in the parental (and grandparental) adoration. Chicken soup for the soul. ;-)

I brought Poppa G a couple of Father's Day presents. I didn't want to mail them, I wanted to give them in person. As I said before, my brothers are a little wary (still) of the relationship, but I've been delighted with the joy Poppa G has brought into my mom's life.

So the first gift was a book by a fellow blogger. She's a minister's wife and it's a bunch of little stories about her experiences and about her faith. It's called "Two Scoops of Grace with Chuckles on Top".

I HAD to have it when I saw the title.

My mom, who's name is Grace, is a retired minister herself.

And I think that EVERYBODY needs two scoops of her. LOL Especially Poppa G.

When I was visiting awhile ago, Poppa G told me about his favorite song. It was on the B side of a Glenn Miller 78---never a greatest hit. He said that over the years he'd request it on the oldies station but nobody would ever play it.

It was actually kind of hard to find on CD, but I did. The internet is a wonderous thing!

When I gave him the presents, he teared up in a big way. It was so---oh I don't know---sweet and poignant. At this point in their lives, they can pretty much buy anything they want, and are in the middle of trying to divest themselves of a myriad of things in order not to leave a mess for their kids to deal with or fight over.

It was nice to be able to find something, even though it was small, that would touch his heart. When we left this morning, he thanked me again, and teared up again. Awww.

While I was there, Poppa G told me a little story about when he was married to his first wife, who passed away about 10 years ago after 50+ years of marriage. For a long time in their early years, she worked the graveyard shift at the phone company. He said that they'd go to sleep together at about 8 (he worked at the crack of dawn), she'd get up at 11pm for her shift, and when she left, all the warmth would leave the room and he'd be cold the rest of the night, even in the summertime.

The point he was making is that now he felt that way with my mom. They have two houses, and when they were first married, sometimes they'd sleep at their own houses depending on what they had going on at the time. That's no longer the case. He can't spend a night away from her, because then the atmosphere is too cold.

Ahhh, young love. :-)

So on to the funny....

When Poppa G was in basic training in WWII, he started having problems with his butt. Yes, his butt.

He had a ton of piles, or external hemerrhoids and went to the doctor. Turns out he had some irregularity with the veins in his anus that he was born with, and ended up having surgery to correct it. He wrote to his girlfriend and told her that he had appendicitis and had it removed.

Fast forward a year. He was in New Guinea and actually had appendicitis. He notified his parents, who uh-oops-told his girlfriend. He spent the next couple of years trying to convince her that he really had TWO appendixes and was some kind of medical miracle or freak.

"I mean", he said, "At 19, how do you tell your girlfriend you had surgery on your a$$hole?"

He cracks me up!  Pun intended!


Jeanie said...

What a great "find" Poppa G is for your family. Someone who loves your mom so much and can crack you up can't be beat.

Brenda said...

To have love like that twice in your lifetime is miraculous! I'm so proud for your Mom and you!

Webster said...

Poppa G sounds like he is a hoot, and a gem for your Mom. I wonder why your brothers can't see that. Makes no sense.

Stinkypaw said...

He reads like a lovely, funny old man!

Star said...

So sweet. You made my day!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I cannot tell you how great your Poppa G stories make me feel--that he and your mom are living happy ever after at this stage in life, and that you all clearly enjoy him so very much.

Warner said...

My father in law remarried at 75, I met him a couple of years later.

At some point he was muttering (in jest) about having the marriage annulled and his wife, who was the only grand mother my son ever had, just smiled and said, 'It's too late George'.

At a different time she, my wife and my son were walking in her home town. An aquatintance came up and commented on how much her grandson resembled her. After she left Paula's comment was 'Typical American Family, three generations, totally unrelated'.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Hi Attila, So glad you mom and Pappa G are doing so well. And what a treat to have such a special relationship with him. Finding the CD was so special. You're a sweetheart.

As for the two appendixes-- Ha! I love his sense of humor.

xoxo jj

Chris H said...

Poppa G sounds like a really lovely man, your Mum and He are lucky to have found each other in their twilight years.

Valerie Marie said...

You're such a sweetheart! You always have such good ideas for gifts because you pick them with you heart. I'm sooo happy for your Mum and for you - ATM family- Poopa G. is a gem!xoxo

Anonymous said...

Hope you are safe from the fires. I was thinking about you, so I decided to give it a try. And look! I found your blog.

Stay safe.

An old friend from alt.adoption.

Kathy U.
Life is good. :)

Attila the Mom said...

Hey Kathy, how the heck are you? Email me sometime! Same old addy!