Saturday, July 16, 2011

Need Some Brain Power

Sorry I haven't been around that much lately. Our Studio participated in a big "Christmas in July" show at the beginning of the month and spent much of June (when I wasn't taking goof balls for the pain in my butt) preparing for it.

Now we're in the midst of revamping our website and came across a revolting development...

This past year we've been creating dozens and dozens of new and fabulous ornaments, but we've run out of the brain power to name them! Gah!! We've used Christmas Carol names, and goodie names, but frankly, coming up with this stuff doesn't seem to be the forte of anybody in our group.

We're on terminal brain fart.

I know it really isn't the time of year to be thinking about this stuff, but if anybody could give us some ideas...we'd like to get the site finished before the season starts. LOL

They can be short, long, serious, silly, whatever. You come up with them, we'll find an ornament to fit them!

Smooches in advance!!


Webster said...

Those are lovely ornaments! Names, huh? How about reindeer names, Merry Christmas in different languages, Santa Claus in different languages are three off the top of my head.

Amy said...

Love the ornaments!

As far as names, how about 'Tis the Season, Snowy Sparkle, Elfin' Magic, What Santa Wants, Ho Ho Holidays, Merry Mischief, Mistletoerrific.

Joanna Jenkins said...

I'll try funny--
-Call Your Mother, She Worries
-Dad's Asleep On The Sofa
-Where's The Mistletoe
-Who Stole My Eggnog
-I Wanted A Barbie Doll
-Turn Off The Video Game
-Red's My Favorite Color
-Green With Envy
-No Stale Cookies For Santa
-Better Than Bloomingdales
-The Blizzard of 2012
-Where Are My Car Keys

:-) xo jj
PS Be sure to let us know when your new site is up and running

Rootietoot said...

How about character from Dicken's Christmas Carol? Is there a money print fabric you use to make Scrooge balls? I REALLY like Joanna's ideas.


Looks nice!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

The minute I'm REQUIRED to be clever about things like that, I cannot. The pressure switches me off. Good luck--I think it's a great cause and your readers will come up with names for you. Like "Yule Be Merry" and "Sugar & Spice" (sounds like 2 strippers) or "Sugarplum Dazzle". Your smart readers will help you, not me.

Rita said...

-Light colored ornament: Christmas Day
-Dark Colored ornament: Christmas Night
-Ho Ho Ho Ornament
-Christmas Cheer
-Rudolph (Or any of Santa's reindeer)
-Holy Night
-Feliz Navidad
-White Christmas
-5 golden Rings
-Turtle Doves

Hopefully there are some in there that you guys haven't thought of.

Willoughby said...

That is a tough one! How about using names from classic Christmas movies? From It's A Wonderful Life you could use Bedford Falls, George Bailey, Zuzu's petals, etc. A Christmas Story would probably have some good names, too.

Bonnie said...

There's so many good suggestions there.
The only one I have is that something purple really ought to named Royalty, or Royal Purple.
Lame, I know.

Chris H said...

No idea.. I would most likely try names that have NOTHING to do with Christmas!
Or names of pine trees, or mountains.... or... bla bla bla.

Katie :o) said...

How about, "thank God it isn't July, 98 degrees and humid"? Darn... might want to wait a couple months for that name...

jwg said...

How about "Anything but Red and Green"