Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Since Big Kid's crisis, we've been getting lot of rehabilitative experience up close and personal.

Shannon Wills, a physical therapist, offered to do a guest post for others facing recovery.

Rehabilitation After a Traumatic Illness – What You Need to Know

There are no guarantees in life, especially when it comes to your health. Most of us take good health for granted, and it is only when we lose it that we realize its value. Any serious illness or injury is traumatic for both the person who is affected and their families. And when they find that they’ve crossed the point of danger, they start to concentrate on the recovery period, which is again a harrowing and difficult time if they don’t know how to go about it the right way. Rehabilitation is a very important part of any recovery process, and if you or a loved one is going through this period, here’s what you need to know:

• You must be patient, yet persistent: There was a time two years ago when I had to undergo major knee surgery. The pain was unbearable, and worst of all, the only way I could walk was with the help of crutches. I despaired of ever getting back to my normal degree of activity and hated the enforced sedentary lifestyle. The only thing that kept me going was my physical therapy schedule and my doctor’s promise that I would be back to normal in six weeks if I followed the rehab program correctly. And so I learned to be patient and do only what I was allowed to do. Overworking my muscles and joints meant a setback, and more days using the crutches. The key to a full recovery is patience combined with persistence. You know the goal is in sight, but you mustn’t hurtle towards it with no control or you risk suffering a relapse. So be patient, and wait for a full recovery.

• Follow your doctor’s orders: If you are on a course of medication, don’t hesitate to take them regularly and on time. Do not add to or subtract from these medicines without consulting your doctor. And if you have to follow a physical therapy program, do your exercises diligently and without fail. The PT routine is what gets your body back to normal by ensuring that your muscles, joints and other parts of your body regain their lost functions and function as well as they did before your injury. It also helps you regain lost skills that help you take care of yourself and do all that you need to do to get through a regular day in your life.

• Don’t hesitate to seek help: You will definitely be too infirm and frail to take care of yourself during the rehabilitation period. So don’t hesitate to seek the help of family and friends, or if that is not possible, hire someone to help you out. There are various healthcare facilities that allow you to recuperate in their care and provide you with a topnotch team to monitor your progress and help you on your way to recovery.

• Know that every recovery program is different: Don’t worry if other people with the same illness or injury are recovering faster than you because every person is unique and has different physiological features. Your body will recover at the speed that is right for it, so concentrate on getting better without focusing on what other people are doing.

This article is written by Shannon Wills, who writes on the topic of
Physical Therapist Assistant Schools . She welcomes your comments at her email id : .


Charlie said...

Words of wisdom. Those who fight rigorous recovery programs have nothing to complain about if they don't follow through and DO IT!

Willoughby said...

Great post! Excellent advice for anyone in a recovery progam.

Anonymous said...

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Jeanie said...

Perfect timing to get this for my family. My son-in law had surgery yesterday for a torn Achilles tendon. He is an active 40 year old looking at 12 weeks of recovery. I am printing this for him now.

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Joanna Jenkins said...

Hey Attila, This is terrific information. That's for presenting it to us. I'll bookmark the page as I know, unfortunately, someone I know will eventually need it.

Hope all is going well in your household.


TechnoBabe said...

Shannon's information is helpful in many ways. Thanks for sharing it in your blog. I hope things are going well at your house.