Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Days Have Been Flying By...

Sometimes it just seems like there aren't enough hours in a day, doesn't it?

This week we've been running back and forth down to the city to have THD totally evaluated mentally and physically. It just happened that we set the appointments up when he got here at the end of March, and this is the soonest any specialist could see him as a new patient.

Unfreakingbelievably, we STILL don't have his new state-issued Medicaid card, although he has been assigned a number. Our local pharmacy and family doc took the number with no problems, but I had to do a lot of sweet-talking to the others to accept it. grr.

Like a used car, we're having the kid completely overhauled. It's been years since he's seen a dentist. Next up is an eye exam.

When he got here, THD's medical records were sketchy. Apparently, with all the moving around he's done, whoever was in charge of his care at whatever time didn't get records forwarded from all the previous carers. So he had a lot of diagnoses without any original evaluations. In fact, he doesn't remember even HAVING any primary evaluations. Except for an MRI in 2004 which isn't included anywhere.

So he came to us with a boatload of diagnoses hung around his neck without any data to back it up. Complete with prescriptions. It's been absolutely puzzling to us, simply because the kid REALLY DOESN'T SEEM TO HAVE ANY PROBLEMS (other than being a teenager)! We needed to do more than kick his tires, and in the last 7 days or so, we've had a complete diagnostic.

These are the results so far: ADHD? No. Whatever mild attention deficits he might have had could be explained as a result of anxiety and depression due to his life circumstances. He completed this final quarter at school with straight A's while holding down an after school job, and enjoying a budding social life without the benefit of ADHD meds.

Tourette's Syndrome? No. This diagnoses was actually grandfathered in when THD's older sister looked up "eye twitching" on the internet. She found Tourette's Syndrome, and the family started telling everyone he had it. He doesn't. He has eye twitching due to a brain injury he had as an infant in his biological home. It's called nystagmus.

Anxiety disorder? No. Duh. He was in multiple foster homes and even a shelter over an 18-month period. If you were worried that somebody was going to steal the only pair of shoes you had while you were sleeping, you might be anxious too.

OCD? Hah. The kid pees on the toilet seat sometimes and has to be reminded to wash his hands. Monk he is not. On a more serious note, he doesn't have any obsessive or compulsive thoughts or habits. This diagnoses just got attached like a bad smell that you can't find the origin of (so you blame the dog for poofting).

ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder)? Another dog fart. This is one of those issues that is self-controlled. You choose to argue or you don't. We happen to be a family that enjoys a lively debate as long as it doesn't include dish throwing or spurting stumps caused by machetes. Tomato, Tamahto.

RAD? While this is a very real and serious condition, THD's treating doctors feel like sometimes it is automatically attached to children who have been in the system whether they have it or not. If THD has it, it's manifesting itself in a mild way. He exhibits a strong capability to bond, but is impatient with silly girls who want a commitment. Doesn't sound like much of a problem to me. He's a teenage boy, for pete's sakes. LOL

Lowgrade depression? Maybe. He's on a low dose of an anti-depressant and that may be keeping things smooth for him. So he's going to stay on it for the time being. Everything else is gone.

How is he doing? Really great. Along with good grades, a job and friends, he is volunteering at the local animal shelter in his spare time. He's a guy who likes to keep busy. The honeymoon period is definitely over--hehehe--he's had to be on phone restriction a couple of times (oh a fate worse than death!), but all in all, it's a cakewalk compared to 99% of the rest of life.

The other day we were in the car and he said, "How come our dogs are soooo stupid?"

My eyes filled with tears. He said "our"! He really feels like he's a member of the family!

He noticed instantly and said, "Are you crying? Did I say something wrong?"

I didn't want to get all gushy and embarass him.

"You're not allowed to call my dog stupid! It's not HER fault her brain is the size of a walnut!"



Brenda said...

I'm so glad that everything is going so well and he feels at home!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Your analysis of his condition is so funny--and I'm glad things are smooth there!

Ashley's Mom said...

I needed to read this today!

Cloudy said...

This makes me tearfully happy. Our dogs. Well done!

Anonymous said...

never ceases to amaze me what our medical professionals can come up with at a drop of a hat.....Sounds like you're on the right tract.

Kim Ayres said...

So good to read this! ((hugs)) :)

LB @Wait, She Said What? said...

Loved this post! It's great to hear that's he sees himself as part of the family. It's awesome and I know you must be gushing inside!

It's amazing how often people are diagnosed with something they clearly do not have. I've been there and it can drive you nuts. I'm glad you got it all sorted out though. I'm sure he must be glad to hear that he's not a walking diagnosis!

Glad to see you posting again!

Frau said...

That is awesome. Sometimes a loving family is all you need.

Heather said...

I am SO GLAD that THD is fitting right in and that he is finally finding his place in this world like he should be-- It sounds like this is exactly what everyone needed :)

I'm really happy for you guys!

Beth said...

Sounds like your typical young man to me!
Glad it's all working out - for everyone's sake.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Welcome back! No wonder you've been MIA. You've had your hands full girl. I am so happy for you and THD-- Getting through all the docs and their BS is no easy task. But what great news in the end-- Minimal meds and a typical teenager. Woo-hoo! Life is good and he's so lucky to have you on his side. Keep up the good work! xo
PS "Our dog" nearly wrecked me too!

Chris H said...

Seems to me everyone in his past tried to label him to avoid just LOVING him!
You are wonderful..... so there!
THD is indeed just a normal teenage boy... who thinks your dog is stupid. EXCELLENT.

Pete said...

may one ask what you mean by "toilet seat"???

I assume he is actually opening the lid and then missing???

he's a bloke missing is what we do!!

Rootietoot said...

It sounds like you're the best thing that's ever happened to him. He doesn't seem any different from my boys, from the "ADD" thing to the toilet seat thing.

Phil said...

He sounds like a good kid. You and he are very lucky.

Koolio said...

I'm SO glad to hear that he's settling in nicely and that all those supposed issues are nothing more than false diagnoses.

Koolio said...

I'm SO glad to hear that he's settling in nicely and that all those supposed issues are nothing more than false diagnoses.

Valerie Marie said...

Thank you! ((hugs))